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Baby Stroller and Car Seat Recall by Century Products

CPSC, Century Announce Recall of Multi-Use Baby Strollers

Century baby stroller and car seat recall instructions and toll free support numbers will be provided below.

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Century Products Co., of Macedonia, Ohio, is voluntarily recalling about 650,000 "Take 2," "Travel Solutions," "Pioneer," "Travelite," and "Pro Sport" 4-in-1 strollers. The strollers can unexpectedly collapse or the car seat / carrier adapter can unexpectedly detach. When this happens, an infant or young child inside the stroller or an attached car seat / carrier can fall to the ground and suffer serious injuries.

Century has received 681 reports of incidents, including 250 injuries when the stroller unexpectedly collapsed or the car seat/carrier adapter detached. These reports include three concussions, two skull fractures, one fractured elbow, and two chipped teeth. The remaining injuries include bruises and cuts.

The recalled strollers are for toddlers when used alone and for infants when a car seat/carrier is connected to the stroller. The model names for the recalled strollers can be found on the footrest, the seat pad, the legs of the frame or on a white label on the side locks. Below are photographs and list of affected models and dates of manufacture.

Mass merchandise, juvenile products and discount department stores nationwide sold these strollers from approximately December 1996 through March 2001 for between $100 and $200.

Consumers should stop using these strollers and call Century toll-free at (800) 766-9998 anytime to order a free repair kit. Consumers should have their strollers available, as Century will help consumers determine if they have one of the recalled models. Parents should continue to use these carriers as car seats. CPSC and Century remind caregivers to always restrain infants according to the instructions when in the car seat/carrier.

Take 2 and Travel Solution Models Affected by this Program:
11310 11311 11312 11313 11314 11315
11316 11325 11330 11331 11345 11920
11922 11930 11932 11940 11941 11942
11960 11961 11964 11969 SF3600 SF3601
SF3631 SF3650 SF3651 SF3700 SF3701
SF3741 SF3800 SF3900

11968 and SF4000 are affected if the Date of Manufacture is BEFORE December 12, 2000

The following models are affected if the Date of Manufacture is BEFORE December 1, 1999
11611 11612 11141 11153 SF1000 SF1001

11151 11161 11167 11645 11646

Pro Sport
The following models are affected by the stroller recall if the Date of Manufacture is BEFORE March 1, 1998.

11156 11166 11165 11171 11181 11191
11280 11281 11288 11650 11652 11658

These models also need a new label and screws if the Date of Manufacture on the CAR SEAT / CARRIER is ON or AFTER July 1, 1997.


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